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Purpural phycosics

Hello I'm new to this and thought I would give it a go. I 1st became unwell after my daughter was 6 weeks old. Can't remember much really but I was put on olazapine 30 mg I had doctors in and out of my house they wanted me to go into hospital but my family was surporting me at home. About 9 months later I thought I was well came off my meds and fell pregnant with my 2nd and I was told there was a 50% chance I would get it again but 6 weeks after my son was born I had it again so went straight back on meds. My daughter is 6 now and my son is 4. Just changed olazapine to quetiapine 25 mg twice a day. Is this illness going to last forever? I hate going out alone always have to have someone with me I get paranoid all the time! Just wish I would get better x

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Hello Maria

Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your experience. I had PP twice many years ago and fully recovered with medication and treatment. I'm sorry to hear you're still struggling and wonder if the APP Second Opinion Service would be helpful? Prof Jones' advice has been invaluable to some mums here as he can also advise clinicians regarding treatment. The link is Your consultant or doctor will need to refer you.

I had the pleasure of meeting Prof Jones and some of the APP team years ago. He was very understanding, caring and confirmed my diagnoses, which I had wondered about for years.

Take care. x


Dear Mariahardy

Welcome to the forum. It's really great you have found us, and that you have taken the plunge, and written on here which isn't easy to do.

I'm so sorry you are still struggling four years after the initial PP. I am obviously not an expert or a clinician, but the majority of women do recover so I am wondering if you have been getting the right treatment / medication? I wondered whether you have ever been offered ECT, I just know that this is something women have had when they have had long symptoms.

Do you live in the UK? If you do I would really recommend that you ask your psychiatrist / mental health team to refer you to the second opinion psychiatrist service with Dr Ian Jones. He specialises in PP but also persistent mood disorders, he is really empathic, and is the leading clinician in this field. It is free (no cost) to your funding authority to refer you, and he will advise your team and you about treatment. I have heard only positive things about the service. It just sounds like you would benefit from some specialist advice.

The link is here:

I know that it must be hard to believe, but I really believe that you will recover and get better, but you need the right support, medication etc. Perhaps a change of medication will help? I know people respond differently to different medication.

Take care, do write here whenever you need to.



Dear Maria,

Sorry to hear you are still struggling like many of us several years down the line.

I think the first two responses are great and that it's well worth checking out your medication and level of support and the second opinion service also sounds like it could be really helpful too.

I was just interested to see that you've recently changed from olanzapine to quetiapine. This was exactly what happened to me quite soon after admission from hospital after my initial episode and the change in medication really helped me. I was much better on the quetiepine and felt far less exhausted and foggy. Hoping after a period of adjusting to the change you will feel the benefits too.

It is a journey for all of us but the wonderful thing is that especially on this forum there is light at the end of that tunnel. Lots of people making steady progress on their recoveries and others giving and receiving lots of support to help each other through.

Take Care



Hello yes I've am doing so much better on the new medication! I wish they could of gave this to me years ago! But never mind can't turn back the time. Are you still on medication?how old are your children x


All the best. Hugs xxx


So glad to hear that you're feeling the benefits of the medication change. I agree it was much better for me too. Really hoping that the new medication also helps to reduce the paranoid thoughts that you mentioned in your first post.

Yes I'm still on medication but now on a much lower dose (25mg now). I think I started on 250mg possibly but have gradually reduced over several years.

My kids are now aged six, four and three. They're all girls. I only became unwell with PP after the third birth and then relapsed a year later. So now I've been good for a couple of years. Still got a local MH team visiting most weeks but they're quite pleased with progress. Keeping an eye on me as life can still be very stressful at times but I've found them to be a great support.

I had some CBT and managed to reflect on the thoughts I had when I was really unwell with my support worker. It's really helped me to recognise and not dwell on any delusional thought which I still get occationally but can now manage. I'm sure it will get easier in time for all of us. Can be a long journey but sounds like you must have made good progress as you're on a similarly low dose.


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