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Did anyone use this in pregnancy? at what stage in the pregnancy? Did you gain additional weight

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I took olanzapine in the hours after delivery and for a further 8 weeks. I gained an additional 2 stone and a year on have not lost it all.

Very frustrating that another drug isn't prescribed for women often already struggling with their weight during and after pregnancy.

I had already gained around 2 stone in pregnancy.


Hi I isn't use it during pregnancy but three months post partum. I put on two stone in weight x



I started taking olanzapine When I had a relapse 2 years ago and was in it for a year in that time I put on 2 stone.

Then I came off it when trying for our second baby.

Once I was pregnant I went back on it 3 weeks before baby was due and carried on taking it for a farther 4 months after baby was born. Baby was fine and healthy and you can breastfeed on this medication. But I only did for a few days as it was stressing me out and I did not want to get ill agen so I just bottle feed.

I did gain weight but I've now been off it for 4 months and I have lost most of the weight that I gained with jogging, swimming and eating healthily.

I found that I was quite blown up for quite awhile after pregnancy on this medication My shoes went up a size and noe of my rings would fit till I lost the weight. This is a side effect.

I was well in my self and that was more important than the weight gained for me. I had those precious first days with baby and being well which I missed out on with my first child.

I was put off about going on this med due to the weight gain but I found it the best for me and it prevented me from having postpartum psychosis.

Good luck. Xxx


If you're taking olanzapine while well then I think you're probably less likely to gain weight. People gain weight because their metabolism slows and their appetite increases. If you're ill you can't do much about that but if well then you could make a real effort to exercise and be careful about what you eat.

I didn't gain much weight on olanzapine after psychosis because I was breastfeeding and then unable to drive so walked everywhere. I made myself go on at least 1 walk per day even when i didn't want to. Then my wee boy developed a dairy allergy so I've got a restricted diet. I lost the baby weight while on meds. Xx


Having said that I think it's quite unusual not to gain weight and Jenny is right that the most important thing is being mentally well.

I definitely will use olanzapine for any further pregnancies because it stopped me being psychotic pretty quickly last time.

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Did It have the effects that you needed? my problem is insomnia


Yes could fall asleep at drop of a hat on olanzapine, just then very difficult to get going in the morning due to drowsiness. However as dose lowered that became less of a problem.


I was on Olanzapine 3 months after my baby was born, not during pregnancy. I put on 3 stone. That was 3 years ago. I have only lst 1& a half stone since then.


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