high frequency

high frequency

Dear all,

I usually put up pictures to cheer you all up, but of course painting is my therapy and often I am trying to work out stuff at an emotional/cognitive level.

Some of us still struggle with mental health issues after recovering from PPP. I am not sure whether some of you ladies can relate to being extremely sensitized to hearing and smelling and maybe occasionally seeing something?

Below I am emphasising on my difficulties with noises. I probably constantly struggle with a type of perceived 'noise pollution'. This can relate to TV and other electronic devises, noises and voices etc. I feel quite vulnerable and get on edge, thus, I use ear defenders/ear plugs.

There are coping mechanisms for triggers!

Wishing you all a good start to spring.

Sabine :-)

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  • Hello Sabine

    You're a great inspiration to everyone as you constantly battle to overcome your phobias for the love of your family :) and so thoughtful to share your paintings with the forum to brighten the day.

    Wishing you peace and happiness.

  • Love the painting Sabine! Thanks for sharing.

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