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Possible W I campaign for maternal mental health services

Women's Institute members are, this month, voting to choose one from a selection of 6 resolutions to go forward for the W I as a whole to campaign for nationally. One of the resolutions is 'Equal Access for all who need Specialist Maternal Mental Health Services'. If you know, or are, a W I member, maybe you could encourage members to vote for this. I found it difficult but with my family's blessing, I spoke about my daughter's experience and of services locally and across the country. We were directed to a website, which shows a map of provision across the country . W I has in the recent past campaigned for more midwives and 'Care not Custody' for people with mental health needs in police custody, a campaign that Theresa May spoke in support of as Home Secretary, so there is interest among members already. Best wishes to all of you.

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Thanks dilly dream thanks for this information. Hopefully it will get a lot of votes. APP are involved a lot with the everyone's business campaign which does give really good information about what provision is like around the country and campaigns for better perinatal mental health provision across the country.


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