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Any youtubers?

Hello everyone,

I thought I might just ask if there are any youtubers around who have suffered pp?

I remember when I was ill and in a MBU I foolishly looked up the illness on YouTube and all I found were horrific stories of women who hadn't got well. I kind of thought as a way of getting better I would put my story out there on YouTube (scary I know!). I've also made a video on bonding with baby and a video that focused on my recovery. I feel the need to reach out to people and to help. If I can help 1 mumma I would be really happy.

Has anyone ever considered making a YouTube video about your experience of pp? If you want to look at my YouTube channel here's the link

It would be awesome if there was a pp community of awesome women sharing and supporting one another. Just a thought

Best wish warrior women. Xx

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Thanks for this. It's always good to have other people's experiences out there. xx


Thank you!


I agree with you and would love to share my story of full recovery

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Well done you. Theses are great and will help others.

You are very brave, thanks for putting it out there, there needs to be more positive storys out there. you do get better and move on, videos like this help people be more informed and get through the difficult times.

Agen well done xxx


Thanks so much that means a lot.

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Hello Dannicole

Well done for such an insightful video that will be a light in the darkness to any new mum suffering PP.

What an amazing mum you are putting this video together even though it's only been six and a half months since your son was born and you were struck with PP. I could hardly string a sentence together, let alone appear on camera for the first six months after I had PP, so you should be very proud of yourself.

I remember in your other thread that you were hoping to remain on sick leave, so I hope your GP has helped with that. It's very early days in your recovery and returning to work needs to be a gradual process when you have been through so much.

Take very good care of yourself ...... lovely to see you here :)

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