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5 Years in August

As many of you post Birthdays and Anniversary of diagnoses are hard days for us Warriors.

I am looking at the 5 year mark. It makes me proud of how far we have come, but still hard to get through these days. This year I am trying to accept that our son's Birthday will be full of emotions. It has taken a long time to realize it is easier to prep myself for the discomfort and understand that kido's Birthday will not be "all Joy and Happiness" for me and That is OK.

I hope that each of you can find some peace after PP. Remember you are strong and how you Live with PP everyday is a true sign of Strength!

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Thank you for your post. It brought tears to my eyes while reading it. I was thinking of everything that I have been through with PP and imagining what everybody else reading this post has been through as well. It's a very unique life experience that ordinary people never have to face. I'm so glad we have this group to share with.


Hello K8Stack

Sending you a virtual hug ...... it does get easier with time although the memory of such a trauma will always be with us. I think we have to focus on how happy and content our children are, celebrating all their achievements and milestones.

It's true, we did miss out on a lot but it's our time to make the most of 'now' with our families and be so grateful that we made it .........

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Dear K8Stack,

it is my son's birthday. It is a garden party and my son's very first party at home. We are usually camping, but this time round he wanted to celebrate. I enjoy preparing and looking at my boy's sparkling eyes which look full of/with excitement.

However, the closer we get to the date the more I am struggling-very unsettling time, knowing that the house will be full with children, some family members and parents; hopefully just dropping off the children. I suffer with agora and social phobia and I do try avoid busy areas and crowds...

Lots of mixed feelings, yet I keep pushing myself in order to provide my son with lots of opportunities & holistic approaches. My purpose and dedication & my son is helping me without being too consciously aware.

I wonder how children react once they know that their mum got poorly after birth.

Best wishes and take care, Sabine


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