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Clonazepam while breastfeeding

Hey, i take 1mg clonazepam for night terrors to be relatively under control and currently 30w pregnant. I'm really uncertain how breastfeeding will work, will i have to choose between once a fortnight terrors and a formula fed baby or nightly terrors and a breastfed baby? My midwife hinted i could have both, but i cant find any info close to saying clonazepam is safe for breastfeeding, but i am on a very small amount. Anyone have personal experience with clonazepam or night terrors n breastfeeding?

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Hi BrokenChloe

Thanks for your post. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

It is a good question that you ask. I don't have any personal experience of breastfeeding on Clonazepam, and I hope someone else with similar experience may reply to you. But I just wanted to give you a link to a really good website for medication and mental health. It includes really accurate, unbiased information on if you can breastfeed on certain medication.

I've looked up Clonazepam and the link is here:

The summary is that all meds go into the baby through breastmilk, but it's not necessarily harmful and to discuss with whoever is supporting you (doctor, health visitor etc). If I was you I would discuss with your mental health team / psychiatrist (preferably perinatal psychiatrist who will be really experienced in questions such as this).

I hope that's helpful, and I really hope everything goes well, never hesitate to write on here. And I hope you're coping OK in the heat!


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