I got poorly in the Summer 2010. I remember coming back home to my beautiful garden after I gave birth to my wonderful son, who was born the end of July. 2 weeks later I was admitted to a mixed gender psychiatric unit.

I came back home in September-my world became more abstract like my paintings. I have had to re-discover myself. My partner knew that I would recover, once I am back home in my own sanctuary.

I had the appropriate medication, I felt safe and secure, and I had a support network in place, but most of all I have had my partner and his love for my baby and I.

I love the Summer and I love the flowers!!!

Wishing all members on this forum health and happiness.

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  • I love this :) Thank you for sharing x

  • What a really beautiful painting ... Thanks so much for posting Xx

  • I love this painting! spring and summer also now feels so much more special to me, as that is when my son was born. I feel that I notice the flowers and the greenery even more than I used to. I love the sanctuary of my local park.

    Thank you for this post xx

  • Beautiful painting, Jasa! Spring and Summer are definitely the best seasons. I love to see the plants and flowers springing up everywhere too!

  • i love this painting! wonderful style

  • Thank you all for commenting! Kind wishes x

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