Action on Postpartum Psychosis

Thank you APP!

Thank you APP!

My exhibition has started today. My path of recovery expressed through emotional painting.

I could not have done it without my support network & APP.


I am raising awareness for everybody!

I want to be a voice through my art and support the once

who like me, have suffered from Post-Partum Psychosis.

I want to highlight that there have been individuals who did not receive

sufficient help or have been locked up in a psychiatric

hospital, and I am doing this for those women in despair, the ones who are still struggling

the ones, who did not come out or sadly did not survive…

Finally I am becoming brave. Wanting to raise awareness of mental health issues and specifically being informative about my struggles. Terribly excited, but also scared-but there is this urgency of wanting to be useful-can you see, stuff wants to come out…the lid has opened…

Health and Happiness!


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Dear Sabine

I'm so glad that you've got to the starting point of your exhibition and I hope that you have a fantastic response to your beautiful pieces of artwork.

You are being so brave in expressing yourself in this way and putting yourself 'out there'. I do wish I could have come to see your exhibition but it is just too far from where I live.

Enjoy this day, and be sure to look after yourself this week, and build in some 'quiet times' for you,

The very best of luck for the next 2 weeks Sabine, you're a star.

Best wishes



Thank you Val, I will be looked after this morning. I am very exhausted, but happy. x


Hi Jasa,

What a wonderful painting you've posted! I really hope the exhibition goes well, it's so amazing how you are raising awareness through your art, and that your art has been so therapeutic for you.

Do let us know how it all goes X


Thank you Ellie. :-)


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