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Anyone struggled with weight loss after taking Aripriprizole (Abify)

Hi. I stopped Aripriprizole after taking it for a year. I didn't gain any weight on it but didn't lose baby weight. since coming of it, I started a fitness and diet bootcamp, I've stuck to the diet and exercise 4 times per week and I've lost nothing in 5 weeks! I'm eating enough, drinking a lot of water, and I've had my fat tested and it's the same so no muscle gain. Has anyone else had the same problem? I used to be a great dieter so I know what diet helps me lose weight x

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Hi Sally, weight gain seems to be a pretty common issue for a lot of us here. I didn't take Aripriprizole but was on different meds for 2yrs. I gained 3.5 stone which thankfully came off quite quickly once I'd stopped taking it & felt well enough to exercise. It sounds like you're doing all the right things, I guess it's just a case of not being disheartened & persevering. Maybe your body just needs a bit more time & if you keep going, things might speed up? Are you a member of a gym at all, I wonder if there's a nutritionist there you could chat with? I know how hard it is when the weight gain just doesn't feel like 'you' & how much it affects your self esteem, I just want to reassure you that with time & determination, it does come off.

Here's a thread about weight gain from a while ago which you might find useful, there're quite a few tips in there:

There's another thread about weight gain here:

Let us know how things go for you x


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