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My second pregnancy

Hi all thanks for your previous replies. So this is my second unplanned pregnancy. I have been really worried if the fetus has been affected from medication.

I have seen my care co ordinator today and she let me apeak with a pharmasist she knows. I was reassured that the fetus should be 'fine' which still leaves me jn the unknown. Iam told its the development i.e spine which could be affected rather than the brain. I will have more regular scans put in place. I was also told anything wrong should be picked up at the scans as they are so detailed these days.

It is a blessing that i have fallen but at the same time iam petrified of becoming ill again especially having a reason to be so stressed and worried.

Still feeling that the first time is so raw i cant imagine going through it all again and leaving my son again let alone a new born!!

Does anyone know what their triggers were with their first experience or further experiences? Mine was definatley lack of sleep. Has anyone gone on to have children without pp returning??

What was your care plan? Didnanyone return to a mother and baby unit. I would like to stay in hospital after i give birth.

Ive come so far i need to be strong. We are all survivours xx

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Hi Violetx

I hope some others who have had second babies will be able to reply and reassure you, and give you some information about care plans they put in place etc. What I have heard about is some of the decisions to consider: do you take medication on delivery or not (though you are still on meds now - which probably will reduce your risk of getting PP significantly). Do you have a elective caesarean, I think so that you don't lose sleep etc in the first couple of days.

I would look at the guide from APP (which I put a link to on your last thread) and also, if in the UK, ask your GP etc for a referral to the second opinion service with Prof Ian Jones (I think I did a link for that too) - I have heard that has been so helpful for lots of women on here.

Take care, and really hope you have a good pregnancy, and that you can get all the information you need and so don't feel so anxious or worried and you will feel more reassured.

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Hi violetx,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Try not to worry too much, it sounds like you'll be well monitored with the extra scans so hopefully that will bring you some reassurance soon.

I would definitely recommend a referral to Prof Ian Jones if it's an option for you and something you'd be interested in and there are a number of threads on here about care plans and experiences of second pregnancies - I've found them really helpful.

I think there must be many factors working in combination to trigger PP (hormones, sleep etc) and some kind of predisposition. I'm sure sleep was a big factor for me too, and it seems to be a common one but I don't think it can just be down to that alone.

There are many women on the forum who have gone on to have a second baby without PP returning. I'm sure you'll find lots of advice and information here and in the APP guide.

Look after yourself x

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Hi congratulations on your second pregnancy.

I have a six year old (had PP) and a 1 year old (no PP). I think lack of sleep was a major factor in my PP. Second time round I had amazing care. I had one midwife for all my hospital visits, she delivered my baby after a normal labour/delivery. (I had an epidural and vacuum delivery first time.

My husband was allowed to stay in hospital with me. I took preventive medication as soon as my daughter was born and continued for 6 months. We agreed not to breastfeed. My hubby did the night feeds so I could sleep.

I planned to stay in hospital for 3/4 nights but came home 12hrs after my daughter was born as it was Easter and I wanted to be home for Easter Sunday dinner. Apart from my immediate family we didn't tell anyone I was home so we had very few visitors in those first few days.

I've had a perinatal psychiatrist since my son was born and I think she is great. I really value her opinion and I can be honest with her.

I had a care plan done at 30weeks so everyone involved in my care knew my wishes. I wanted to be admitted to hospital asap if I showed any signs of PP returning, mainly because I didn't want my son to see me ill. I have some grave memories of when I was acutely ill but thankfully they are in the past.

I hope this helps a bit. If you would like any more advise just ask. I highly recommend baby number two, in fact I would love a baby number 3.

Take care,


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Hello violet

Thank you so much for your supportive reply to Maxi. I'm sorry to hear you still feel traumatised by your experience of PP two years on, the memory of which is worrying you with your second pregnancy. I hope you will be reassured by the comments here from maryraff who did not suffer a second 'dose' of PP.

It's very good that you have a care plan in place to remain in hospital for several days after the birth to be monitored.

We are all here for you before March so you can 'talk' about any worries you have, to be reassured by other mums as you have reassured Maxi.

Take very good care of yourself and rest when you can.

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Thank you so much. Im so glad i found this forum as ive havent met any other mother in person having PP. Felt quiet lonely before, as no one understands fully unless you have been through it yourself and of xourse health proffesionals. I have my care co ordinator to talk to but there that barrier of proffesionalism and friendship. Being under oxleas mental health, i have met a few people going on some trips but no one that suffered what i did.

When i was in the Mother and baby unit i made 3 good friends all of which sufferes very different illnesses.

I will keep everyone updated and let you know what happens after baby is born.

Take care


Hello violet

Thanks for replying ...... it's such a relief to find other mums who really can understand what you went through and how you feel. I felt exactly the same when, by chance, I had contact with the APP team. It's so important to know you're not on your own isn't it? Like you I felt very wary talking to professionals but their input did help.

Looking forward to your update. In the meantime, take very good care.


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