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Privacy Reminder

Hi to all new forum members,

In case you haven’t found these yet, here are a few reminders about forum privacy & personal safety to note.

Before publishing any post or question, choose if you want it viewable by 'Everyone' or by 'Members of this community only'.

* 'Everyone' means that the post/question along with the replies can be seen by both members of that community as well as visitors (whether they are HealthUnlocked members or not). Next to public posts you will see a social sharing button. The button gives the option to share this post to Facebook or Twitter.

* 'Members of this community only' means that the visibility of the post/question is strictly limited to just the title & the first 247 characters for anyone who is just a visitor (whether they are HealthUnlocked members or not) while only members of this community can see the full post/question & replies. Private posts & their responses won’t have the social media, share to Facebook & Twitter buttons. If you restrict your question/post to your community only your username will NOT be visible in search engine responses or RSS feeds & your profile picture/avatar will also be hidden. Remember, anyone can become a member.

Whether or not you restrict your question or post -

* all of your question or post title can be found via search engines.

* a question mark icon is included near the question “Who can view this post?” that anyone can click on to see an explanation of who can view that post or question.

Remember to:

* Use the private/public flag whenever you submit a post or question.

* Check whether you’re replying to a public or private post (with a padlock icon next to it). If you reply to a public post, your comments will be public too. Sensitive content can be inadvertently disclosed in supportive replies.

* Do not share your contact details in your posts.

* We recommend you don’t use your real name – but a nickname instead.

* Be careful about the information you share on your profile page. Leave out details that could easily identify you, such as your home address or telephone number.

Stay safe all! x