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diagnostic overshadowing

Hi, does anyone know any good books, articles etc to read on diagnostic overshadowing? For those that aren't sure - my understanding of this is that it is when the medical people providing your care don't take physical illness or problems seriously or think they are part of your mental illness.

I am doing some research for a piece I am writing.

I experienced this quite a lot when I was in hospital with PPP. At one point I got violently sick and was vomiting and ill for a few hours. The nurse said it was probably due to my PPP. But then a few other of the patients and staff got sick so it must have been a bug or food poisoning.

Anyone else experience anything like this?


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Hi, yes this is a significant problem which is being increasingly recognised by professionals. There are, sadly, examples of this in the last Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths - google scholar 'Saving mothers lives: Reviewing maternal deaths to make motherhood safer. The Eighth Report of the Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in the United Kingdom”, ed Lewis G. BJOG, 2011; 118 (Suppl.1)'

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