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My story


my first child was induced due to my water breaking and not progressing naturally. no pe or signs of it.

my second, I made it all the way to labor, when I was taken in they noticed my bp was very very high. so they ran my urine etc, hooked me up to mag, and the rest is a blur. He was born minutes after my epidural. About 30 minutes total from arrival to delivery. Rocket baby. He was tiny. 5lbs. my b was erratic for weeks. on bp meds for a few months, two different kinds. developed a terrible rash from ciprofloxacin which they were giving me to treat a UTI.

3rd baby I was watched like a HAWK. I did end up developing PIH around 34 weeks or so. But not pre-e. We set induction at 36 weeks and I delivered a health happy smart baby!

after about a year and a half I was getting some screening done before trying for a new baby. It was discovered I was SEVERELY anemic. and that I had a vitb deficiancy...related? not sure.

I can say one thing, with each of my pregnancies I had Sub chorionic hematomas. Pools of blood in the uterus. they all resolved around 18 weeks or so. But I found that interesting. I wonder if there is a relation?

My ob did have me on aspirin with baby 3 and i had weekly monitoring. \

We really want another baby, but I am so scared still. lol traumatic experiance.

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