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Action on Pre-eclampsia
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severe pre-eclampsia

On my first pregnancy i encountered a severe pre-eclampsia in my 34weks pregnancy! I give birth to our babyboy on May 2012,in a c-section and 1.7lbs. and he died 1day after i give birth.Now we're planning to have a baby again but i am scared that i encountered it agin! I am 27yrs.old now and i really,really like to have a baby. Is it possible happen again?please give me some advice to what should i do to not happen again!

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Dear Fatima, I am very sorry to hear that you have had such a terrible experience - please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your baby son. The chances of your getting pre eclampsia again are increased - if delivery was required before 34 weeks the chances are about 1 in 4. However you may not get it again. You should take 75mgs of Aspirin every day from the day you know you are pregnant. You should also be monitored more closely during your pregnancy and be under a Consultant throughout. If you could email me on info@apec.org.uk I can see whether a referral to one of our experts might help too. Were you happy with your care and are you physically recovered now? Is your blood pressure back to normal for example? Please do send me an email and I will help as much as I can. Best wishes, Ann Marie, APEC


Thanks a lot....almost a year now my bp back to normal. I'm physically recovered,but my concern is i got a environmental asthma in my last pregnancy!


Dear Fatima

I am very sorry on your loss. It is very terrible and never expected experience which I went through few months ago as well. I lost my daughter in 38 week.

All mothers-to-be in this position are scared as I am or you are but I know that we have to be positive. Yes, you are more prone to get it again but not necessarily. Every pregnancy is different. Although, you will be more vigilant now like I will be or others.

I have also taken part in some research on pre-eclampsia which is based in Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital in west London and run by Imperial College London and University of Cambridge. I have found out from them that there are 2 types of this condition: onset (starts early after 20 week) and offset (starts at the end of pregnancy). The researchers think that the offset pre-eclampsia might be related to heart or cardiovascular problems but the research still needs to be done. They need 600 women. They monitor pregnancy from pre-conception until 6-week check-up after the birth. This is in addition to your normal antinatal appointents.

If you are interested in this research please see the link below:






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