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Back to work today!

I went back to work today after the Christmas break on my reduced hours, so I didn't start until 1! I hated waiting around, it's such a silly time to start work, as there's no time to do anything before hand. I completed a few chores, but I was still ready and waiting for an hour. I hate the thought of everyone being at work and not me, I felt a bit redundant. I've really missed m' little babies all over the holidays and I couldn't wait to see them! I'm really hoping one of the part-timers decide to retire soon so I can have their hours, I hate having such few hours, I know I should be using my time to relax and think of myself, but it's so hard!

JB x

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It's so hard, JB, but hang in there. Make it known you'd like any spare shifts that are going and then wait. These things have a habit of sorting themselves out again. Honestly. Look for things that could fill your mornings if time is hanging heavy - an exercise class? volunteering somewhere? Just some thoughts but mainly use the time to relax. Your hours will come back to you soon enough. X


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