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Hi im new to this forum , does anyone suffer from clammy hands with anxiety

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Yes i do they almost feel sticky palms.

Andy585 in reply to Dorsey

Thank you for replying, i thought i was going mad with this lol . My anxiety symptoms changed about 2 months ago and left me with sticky hands its been driving me nuts

Dorsey in reply to Andy585

No your not going nuts lol. But if you had my symptoms you would over 4 years no releif. Take care.

Andy585 in reply to Dorsey

I feel for you and im only a couple months in , good luck in the battle and chin up

Yes and clammy feet and ankles

I have been suffering anxiety for about 25 years on and off ,but a recent diagnosis of celiac has set me back a bit , i have never tried meds because i have allways been able to control it , but the clammy hands threw me a bit as i have never experienced it before lol and i have had it all , so i thought