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new here, please help.


hi everyone. new here do not sure if i’m doing this right. i need someone’s help. i am very very afraid of sick, have been all my life. i have just been on holiday with a friend, and i got back home yesterday(saturday). meanwhile i found out my sister (younger, lives at home) was sick on wednesday twice at school. she was sent home but wasn’t sick again. she has had diarrhoea since then and stomach cramps. yesterday her symptoms were getting worse and under the circumstances they sent an ambulance to check her out. they said that it was most likey gastroenteritis (a serious stomach bug). she has been able to eat today so she is getting a little better but still has diarrhoea. does anybody know whether i am likely to catch this?

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You may catch it, however gastroenteritis is NOT a serious stomach bug. It lasts a few days and then goes away. If you do get it you can see your doctor for reassurance.

thank you for your reply!

update. super happy. turns out she ate some chicken on saturday night (early hours of sunday morn). all her symptoms match up to salmonella and the time frame works out. and also turns out that the doctor didn’t even say it was gastroenteritis, just suggested it. wow i feel so much better.


I hope your sister is ok. It's always good to be cautious with meat. Are you happy that she does not have gastroenteritis or that you can't catch what she has ? Because salmonella is not a good thing to have and I'm sure she feels Terrible.

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