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Sick and need help

I’ve had a cold for 3 days now with fever coughing runny stuffy nose and headache and earache, I really need to feel better because I have something important tomorrow. I’ve taken DayQuil tablets and they helped but people are telling me that the DayQuil and nightquil liquid stuff is better, does anyone know if that will help I just get anxious taking meds bc I’m scared of side affects, responses will be greatly appreciated thank you

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Whenever I have a cold, cough and temp, I resort to the safest way to address it. It was once told to me by my ENT doctor. Because of Anxiety being high when sick, he recommended Plain Robitussin (Guafacin) Nothing else in it. It will thin the mucus. For the fever, Tylenol or Advil/Motrin. Finally, inhale just plain hot steam over a bowl of water. The steam will take care of your throat, chest and nasal sinuses. You will not be drugged out tomorrow. Old fashioned way of taking care of cold symptoms. As for the ear it is just a part of the overall cold and sinus.

Feel better...xx


Okay, thank you

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