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Havent written in a while

Just been trying to concentrate on recovering. Still getting these unreal type thoughts, just trying to fight through them. Today set me back a little. Had a little accident while setting up lights outside of house. Was holding up ladder for step mom and she had a hammer on one of the steps. Well the hammer came down and knicked the top of my head. It was bleeding but the cut was so small. My fear was “what if its a concussion and I die”. Now the hammer that fell on me was a small one that weighed maybe 2-3 pounds thats used for small nails. Also, it only fell a few steps. I also dont have any extreme symptoms, i mean my head is a little sore where it hit obviously. But since im already so anxious I’ve always had the ringing in ears, tension headaches, and confusion. I know nothings wrong with me, but my head keeps filling up with what ifs. Its been 8 hours and nothings gotten worse so i doubt anythings wrong. No nausea, dizziness, migraine or pupil dialation. Just anxiety over thinking. But im sitting here in bed hesitant about sleeping so yay.

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