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Am I Overtired?

I’ve been having such random and changing symptoms today....I haven’t been sleeping good at all lately most of the time I go to bed at 12am and then can’t fall asleep from the anxiety I get all mixed up feeling in my head. Today I’ve been having random things happen like plugged ear that came on suddenly, tip of tongue was burning keep feeling like I’m tripping out for no reason, I feel very uncomfortable and keep going blank in my head. Is this all anxiety or is there something wrong with me. Thank you

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Has something happened in your life recently that maybe scared or worried you beyond the normal? For me I had a traumatic event that happened last Feb. I think my mind got overloaded with worry which in my opinion caused the chemicals in my brain to be off balance. I’ve been struggling ever since. The anxiety is worse than anything I have ever experienced before. Sleeping is another issue also. As soon as I lay down the racing thoughts start in which makes the anxiety go through the roof. I have burning on my tongue and my lips.

Have you seen a dr?

I did at first. But my doctor seems to look at me like I’m crazy and don’t matter. She did give some sleeping pills, and I was able to get some anxiety meds from her partner once when she was on vacation. I’m down to 2 left and about 6 sleeping pills with no medical insurance now, so I’m panicked about that also.

I went to some therapy sessions to, but they cost a lot, and I didn’t feel they were helping.

I hope I didn’t complain too much on your post. I wish I had answers for you.


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