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Major health anxiety lately need some encouragement please

3 weeks ago my son and I got norovirus and seem to have pretty much finally got over it. Hopefully

He now has a sore throat low temp and earache. I'm so worried and now my husband has a stomach ache. I just want our family to be healthy. I can't stop worrying and am so terrified this is some horrible flu :(

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In June I got sick and had Bad diarrhea and I fever they did a CAT scan and said I had swollen lymph nodes i in my small intestine which were caused by a bacterial or viral infection they said it should heal up within three weeks however to this day I still feel like I have some digestive issues and still worry every time I use the bathroom and has caused me health anxiety. sometimes I get scared to eat. Three weeks ago I went out to eat with buffet and around 4 o'clock in the morning I woke up with some cramping in my stomach and some chills I threw up and I was like oh my goodness this is the disease and I have concocted in my brain progressing. I couldn't even eat anything for like a week I lost 7 pounds and all since June I've lost 28 pounds my doctors say that I'm fine they have done blood test and stool samples and told me that no further testing is needed as an a colonoscopy I don't feel like I have anything too serious but my anxiety tells me otherwise I'm here if you ever need to talk .

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