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Helllllpppp me!!!!!!

Please help I can hardly type I'm scared everytime my skies down cause I feel it's gonna stop I cant sleep my mom died 7 months ago I feel like puking everytime I get up I feel like I'm going to pass out I have a concussion I'm so tired I feel like I'm gonna pass out I have tingles and i see flashing dots help me please i want this to stop I already went to the ER my hearing is louder then ever I can hear my heart beat in my head it's throbbing I feel dizzy I already turned purple from hyperventilating I just wash sleep but I feeel my hearts going slow

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So sorry to hear about the loss of your Mum , it sounds very much like you are still grieving and you have got anxiety , this all could be related to loosing your Mum as I know after loosing mine this can be a very difficult thing to cope with

But things do get better but you need support which I hope as well as getting it from the Community and it;s members on here you will see your Doctor and tell them how you are feeling and see what they can offer in ways of helping you through this :-)

Take Care x


So sorry for your loss, just know she is your forever Angel watching over you. And this is probably all anxiety, so yes , see your doctor and tell them all your symptoms so they can give you the right advice, God Bless and keep in touch❤


Breathe ..... you're overwhelmed and it's showing in your typing structure

I'm so sorry you're dealing with so much but you have to breathe and focus on positive thoughts

Get some fresh air and drink some water


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