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Head Injury

2 weeks ago I was hit by a medal ladder as tall as a house. It didn't knock me out but it made me extremely dizzy when it hit.

I went to the ER abt 20 min after it happened and they said it was just a mild concussion. It did cut me open a little bit and I had a big knot afterwards.

I still have a small knot 2 weeks later. And i get headaches at times. Especially when cold hits it. Should I be worried? Or is this part of the healing process?

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I had a blow to my head a rago.I banged jgetting up from crouching .I didnt break the skin but it was very sharp sting at the time.I didnt seek medical attention as i wasnt dizzy and remained concious.Im on warfarin.I walked about for weeks with a slow bleed on my brain.i saw my g. P who thought it was cluster headaches.I had a headache 24/7 literally,but i am a migraine sufferer.The headache was the first thing i felt on waking and. Last thing i felt before conking out at night.I felt very unwell all the time not just periodically. i had moments of loss of balance but again i had migraines.Eventually 6 weeks later i was admitted to hospital as an emergency.I dont remember even getting there.I had a partial crainiotomy wherby a huge bloodclot was found .I must stress i felt just i wanted to die awful the whole time,i spent xmas day lying in the dark unable to bear even a light switch being switched.I have severe M.E. And i think this masked a lot of my symptoms as well as the migraine history..The symptoms you describe do not sound to me as anything suggestive of head injury.I was a nurse before i got M.E. And anyone with head injury was usually ill enough to arouse a head injury suspicion.fairly soon after the initial accident.I am bedbound 24/7 i. Think this also made it easier to survive such a long latency period before it was diagnosed.Anyone able to move around in a typical able bodied fashion would of had to go to hospital a lot sooner i think.than i did.I hate hospital,as i always end up worse and relapse even lower due to the effect itm has on my M.E. i dont claim to diagnose youonly a health proffessional can do that .Im just a patient with recent insider knowledge of your particular feared problem.I would say that if you felt so unwell as ive described with nausea headache unceasing etc then perhaps you might need to see your doctor again.But if i were you i wouldnt worry too much at present.I hope this has helped.Also with me being on warfarin i was at higher risk of a bleed following a blow to the head.than a person not on warfarin therapy.Perhaps you just need a little reassurance and you can always ring your doctor should things get worse.

Best wishes


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So sorry to hear about what you went/or are going through. I hope things ease up on you. I can't imagine that.

The only thing I have is headaches. They come and go but do last a while. No dizziness or nausea.


I'm not surprised it would do that, getting hit with a ladder that big , just let the doctor know about it and he could tell you. But that are is probably over sensitive right now , so mist likely it's normal.

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