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Morning anxiety attacks

Hey guys I've got the dreaded morning anxiety attacks again all hot and sweaty the shakes the feeling of dread I. Hate this wen this comes on all because I think I'm gonna die wen there's nothing wrong with me I've had bereavement counciling cbt therapy u name it but. Wen this rears its ugly head this therapy goes out the window. It's awful that anxiety attacks can crumble you in seconds I just want to be normal again whatever normal is xxx

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Hi there, thanks for your reply to me yesterday. I take it you have been doing much better lately too? Are you on any meds? I was feeling almost back to my old self recently and by the end of last week I thought oh no. I stayed in bed yesterday and just forcing myself to have breakfast and drink plenty just now. Let me know how you are x


I will thanks greeneyes2 yeh i was feeling great no attacks started to get back on my feet again then boom i hit the deck yet again so fed up of it im the same im drinking but not eating



I always say I will never know what normal is but I wonder if there is a normal :-D

You have had that shock over your Uncle and I think this is why this is rearing it's head again , I understand all we learn when times get tough it can go through the window but maybe we just have to ride these times , let them pass and pick back up again once they have

You know in your sensible part of your mind as I call it , one side talks sense the other well when that kicks in it talks anxiety but deep down we know this is the anxiety and fear making us feel like this , I tell it to shut up I am not listening or just accept it , make a cuppa wait till I start feeling more " Normal " well as normal as I ever am and then start the day at that point :-)

Hope you feel a lot better than you did this morning :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks so much lulu-1 u r totally right i know its my anxiety now but my anxiety not have it specially in the morning xx

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