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Anxiety for 6 years

Hello, My name is Michael. Almost everyone in my family has nerve problems. Most of them are smokers and take berve medication to get through the day. I am 22 and started having anxiety when I was 16. I never had a major health concern and I was a normal teenage boy. One night I was drinking a energy drink at like 2 am forcing myself to stay awake to play the new NBA 2k10 basketball game that came out. Well I started feeling funny. My chest had a some pain and there was burning all over my body. I freaked out and had the ambulance at my house in no time. They checked me out and told me I was having a caffeine rush. They didnt give me medicine to calm me down because they didnt know how my body would react with me being tired with caffeine jolting through me. I had a miserable time trying to sleep. Everytime I went to sleep I would get a shock feeling and I would suddenly wake up. The next day I felt sick. I couldnt eat or anything. I went to the doctor and we told him what happened the night before. He said that I could have messed up my heart and I freaked because I loved playing sports and ai didnt want to have heart problems being 16. He done an EKG and took blood. A couple days later we got a call and I had H- Pylori, which is a stomach bacteria. I had to take medicine for 14 days. Every since that night I have had anxiety. All it took was one good scare to trigger it and now it wont go away. I dont want to be put on medication, but it seems like I have no choice. I have the shaky and trembling legs when I try to sleep. I also get the jolt and shocking feeling. I get a scared sensation. I feel like I am si king i my bed. I dont have many symptoms throughout the day and usually if ai do they arent to noticeable, but at night they are miserable. I honestly got to the point to where I hate the night because of my anxiety. Sleeping is supposed to be peaceful but its a nightmare for me

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hi lionman i guess your new to here ! the energy drinks can be dangerous in large amounts ive worked will people who drank a lot of red bull and it made them ill ! you really need to stay away from it or it might make you worse ! regards the shaking go back to your doctor and ask him if he can give something short term to settle you down hopefully that will help you ! take care and good luck


Hello I can definitely relate I had one good scare of some chest pain had a good work up. No heart or lung problems and I've had anxiety since. I guess what I'm learning through therapy is its a trigger that could have slowly started along the way and gradually turned into anxiety. With anxiety you have to do a lot of reprogramming to your brain. Just constantly feed your mind positive thoughts. And far as the jolts during sleeping I get them from time to time and you have to tell yourself it's just Nerves.


thanks for the support celtic2746 and GoldenGrl. I havent had an energy drink or caffeinated soda since the incident. I am pretty much traumatized from what happened that night. The doctor did give me some type of nerve pill a couple of years ago but I didnt take them. I want to try to take care of my anxiety naturally. Im afraid that if I start taking the medication then I will become dependent on them.


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