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Do the anxious ever worry about loved ones ?

I suffer from depression but apart from the less serious anxiety this can bring I don't think I've had anxiety per se, so I probably just don't understand it.

I have replied to a lot of anxiety posts in an effort to help and generally get thanks or likes, but not always. What I don't understand about 90% of the posts in this section is that nearly all are concerned about the posters health and almost never show anxiety for others ; family, friends, loved ones or for other worries in life ; finance , bereavement ,redundancy etc. etc .Is this self preoccupation a symptom of anxiety and does it always seem to accompany hypochondria ? Would a concentration on others problems and less self preoccupation pay dividends in relieving anxiety ? Probably but is it possible ?

I just don't know but it does strike me in a month when we have remembered the hardest day in the Battle of Britain it does pay to remember that 18 year olds were taking off daily aware of the poor odds of survival (even worse in Bomber Command ). It does help to keep some sense of perspective to remember that being shot several times and then possibly burned alive in the ensuing crash was not a lot of fun. As "The Unforgiven " script had it 'When you kill a man you take away his wife, his house,his children etc."

In other words the 18 year old heroes of the B of B lost everything.

While I'm at it I also don't understand why anxiety sufferers (and sometimes depression sufferers ) seem sometimes reluctant to approach the health professionals. I am losing count of the number of times we advise "see your GP". Anxiety and depression are so difficult to fight without medical help and this plus unburdening on this site, should be the first port of call.

I don't mean to be unfeeling and will obviously continue to help, if I can not just depression sufferers but also those suffering anxieties , which at its worst sounds more awful than depression (and I don't like that much ).

Hoping for enlightenment. Olderal

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I worry about my health mainly and that is what panics me but other everyday worries overwhelm me more then panic me.

I definitely have health anxiety for my kids and family whenever my parents or husband feel un well or have a health problem this brings on a lot of anxiety and of course I worry a lot about my children.

But I think the reason we are all so preoccupied with our selves is because we feel so many physical symptoms we cannot feel other people symptoms or emotions or know what is going through their minds. When you are always feeling uncomfortable with head pressure headaches nausea, shaking heart palps etc all these ohysical things that anxiety produces in our bodies it is hard not to worry and think about it obsess. A common theme on here is people not believing all this is anxiety we are constantly trying to find the answer what is this when will it end I want to feel normal again and live my life. It's a disorder and people don't want it.

In regards to questioning on here rather then the gp first well most of us have had many tests always going to the gp, some have even been to the Er many times and I think we know deep down its probably nothing as it always turns out to be nothing it's mainly just a reassurance thing reassurance is a big part of health anxiety. And I think a lot of us are embarrassed to call the doctor for the 100th time with a new



No one will ever understand Anxiety unless they have gone throgh it also anxiety leads to depression which makes things worst on those who suffer from the illness . Some of us are trying to Better our selfs we come here for support and sometimes we can find that support here .. we go to our appointments and take our meds we know exactly what the doctors tell us.. But when you wake up everyday with physical symptoms that don't go away even with meds then you tell me how much u would be feeling ... I do worry about my family this is why I ended up this way in the first place so honestly speaking you don't know how he cause of anyone's anxiety so we shouldn't really comment on this o know your trying to help but questioning people's worries why they don't worry about others is no question to ask .. We don't know what they are feeling or going through and Believe we all wanna feel normal and be able to be with the family .. Again I never question anyone or make a statement unless I know there story ...


People have anxiety disorders for many reasons. Life is not easy these days so we as all have something that triggers our anxiety like loss, loneliness, heartbreak, finances, job loss, divorce, worry about friends and families difficult situations, health issues for ourself and other loved ones. The first thing most of us do when we start having bad anxiety is Go to ER or our doctor to rule out any physical problems. Once all tests confirm we are healthy, our next step is to get help for our anxiety. Anxiety comes with many symptoms and mental and physical feelings which can be very debilitating. Some need meds, therapy and some can go natural and the really strong try to tough it out. Whatever way we choose, It is still a struggle to overcome anxiety and depression. When some people post, they have seen a doctor and that's why they ask for help from others because everyone has their own symptoms and they can change. Anxiety is a mind game and the mind can cause many changes in how we feel. That is why people post. So they can see what helped others and sometimes just to talk. We are on this site to vent, get help and to help because we know what the

Other person is feeling and anxiety causes fear for our mind and body.


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