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Finally maybe getting somewhere

Hi all 😀

Been suffering for 7 weeks now well longer but 7 weeks ago I started my journey to the gps I got started on 10mg if amatriptlyine now up on 30mg n I've been acing some four days some worse than others

I avent been brave enough to face the shops yet as I had a funny turn today in my local tesco express so fingers crossed

The only thing that is still bothering me is still the tension headaches come on afternoon sometimes there there the minute I wake up they av eased over time but now getting em again tried everything even bought mourofem for tension headache another money spinner that hasn't worked for me

Yet but I'm open tried the messaging lying down seems to help the most

So for every one that has dark days think positive there is a light at the end of the tunnel 😀

I'm not 200% yet but now I look hopeful before I couldn't get passed one day without thinking what's it going to bring now I look another day another dollar ☺️😄

My children av helped loads n also no stress with work due to been on sick work is going to be my biggest test

Hope ur all well Kirsty xx

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