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Had a good dy 4once yest,today went food shopping and some lunch out. Got back at 2pm, all went well till after tea ,then started feeling dead weird,felt slightly breathless and my tummy felt odd,checked out my obs ,were fine ,feel definitely rough,iv gone to bed,tummy feels yucky ,I think il checkwith the doc ,as this tummy things been a real pest for a while now,doc said the other week if it isn't settle he'd check for h,pylori a bug wat gets in stomach lining ,I had it yrs ago ,wish things would settle

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Hi Meg

I didn't see your question in here , I do tend to forget to look in questions !

But now I have found you in here :-)

I am pleased you got out & did some shopping & lunch as well , was that with your friends that has not been well ?

Hopefully it was & she is feeling better now :-)

I think it is a good idea if your stomach is not improving to go back & see the doctor , maybe it could be something like you had before , maybe not , but if you had the tests done you could get an answer & then the treatment to clear it up

Hope you are feeling a bit better today :-)





Yes she is a lot better now,I'm convinced it's that h,pylori I had yrs ago,it was a while then before they discovered wat was wrong,it's an awfull thing to have to have I can tell u,makes u feel really awfull,Off ur food and that ,constantly feeling sick,fast pulse and that ,it's all very similar,iv not forgot the 1st time I had it,it was a nightmare,.how ru lve,hope ur not to bad ,hugs xxx


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