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Hi All.

Got a carpel tunnel operation this week

Im on apixaban 2x5mg daily.

I went all round the houses on the phone to the hispital, to ask if i should stop my anticoagulant, for the day or 48 hours or what to do.

It took me a while to get a answer and the nurse i spoke to was fantastic, so helpful, she said she spoke to the surgeon who is actually doing the operation directly.

Only thing is, im worried as i was told no need to stop them!!!

This seems strange as its opening up your wrist.

Anybody have any ideas about this? Im sure its correct and no need to worry but........its hard not to!.



8 Replies
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You know what? If they had told you to stop taking them for a few days beforehand, as they did me when I had a procedure last year, you would worry even more! That is life on blood thinners!

The surgeon will be aware you're on thinners, and will take that into account. And it's not a huge cut - my father had it done and it was only tiny. Hope all goes well! Keep us posted.

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Thanks for the fast responce.

Im not that worried to be honest, I just find it strange how its a anticoagulant and im getting a operation, yet told not to stop them.

I've been on Apixaban for 4 years, had teeth extrextractions and a few falls, so i am just curious as to the reason.

So its just because its a minor operation then?

Thats interesting I'd of never of thought that.



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I think so. I didn't have to stop when I had a tooth out last year; the dentist knew I was on thinners and just said he'd make sure the bleeding stopped before I left the surgery. I did have to stop for a colonoscopy, but I don't know what was different about that. No worries either way.

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morning, i had the operation a good few years ago. I was on 20mg of rivaroxaban. They do put a very tight band round your arm to reduce the amount of blood that gets to the hand. It isnt a very large incision and you wont feel a thing. Its a very quick operation. Your consultant and everyone else is right, stay on your blood thinners and you will be fine.

My operation
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Hi Maejane,

Love the photo, thank.

That explains a lot, didn't realise it was so, small a incision.

The tight armband makes sense as well.

Yes, i've been told its a pretty quick operstion so im happy with that.

Thanks for that, as well as explaining the procedure, I've got pictures of the outcome. Very nice little scar, by the way.

One to show the boys when we have had a drink! 🤣

Thank you for the information, stay safe


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Hi guys,

Just a follow up.

Yes, no need to stop the Apixaban whatsoever, the whole thing was painless and was over in 30 minutes.

The worst thing, was having the cold wash, put over my arm.

The NHS staff, were as they normally are "fantastic" so friendly, I talked thru the whole procedure. I even got to see my own nerve, as my wrist was lying there, with the spreaders opening my hand.

The professor was amazing and was training, new doctors in the procedure.

Once the procedure is over, its boxing bandages on and they will be of in 4 days, with the stitches out in 14.

So, thanks for the great responces and the spot on information.


Just after op
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I agree with the above comments and it’s lovely to see how the community support each other.

It’s a small operation with minimal blood loss

Good luck and I’m sure that it will go well.

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Hi Sue,

Really easy operation, well on its way to healing.

Stitches out this Friday.

Big "thank you" to all in the NHS!

Great info given on this site, made me feel a whole lot more relaxed about the whole procedure.



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