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people, including my mum and dad have said in my youth that i was anorexic and have been sectioned for hearing voices and neglecting myself. like, not washing, eating or moving. i know the condition has a lot of stigma and is hard for people to understand.

i myself don't know much. i do know all illnesses are individual so the affect is independent to the character. even if the disease is characterised to be the same in all people suffering.

i have not got the diagnosis from the doctor because i was passed on schizophrenia but on closer analysis i think i was dismissed. for many years being sectioned i didn't have a diagnosis so they had to say something.

i remember waking up from a dream and writing about anorexia saying and telling myself i needed help. that was over 14 years ago. and my mum saying i am in my twenties and before in my teens. i ignore them but i'd like to help myself in this way with all the mis-information as to how i can be fitter. and how my body can function better if i treat it better but how when its mental everything i do.

i have problems in my mind, body and spirit. they argue with each other ie. i don't feel a whole person.

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suggest you need to go back to your GP and talk about a referral as it sounds you need professional help from the medical profession - like all illnesses anorexia needs treatment and its not something to do alone - so do seek further help.

i'd like to but i don't trust the medical profession and have moved on from the mental health team so don't want to go backwards now i'm getting better

I was just where you are - felt I'd done the mental health route and was recovering on my own - however, having returned to the team after a few year's break as things were getting out of hand - I've found it really helpful and a positive thing to do - so don't dismiss help - its really hard to do it on your own.

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