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Hi I’m new in this group and I think I’m bulimic I’m not anorexic I weigh around 140 and I’m 21 I eat regularly don’t really binge but I do throw up maybe 3-4 times a day not everyday though I just don’t like the feeling of being full or want to lose weight fast I regret it cause it makes me disappointed and gross but some days are better than others tho

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You certainly have a serious issue that needs dealing with quickly. Making yourself sick firstly has implications for your physical health - you need to get yourself checked out thoroughly with your GP. The damage to teeth, throat, stomach etc can have long lasting impact and it is likely the electrolytes and minerals in your system are out of balance. You also need help with looking at the reasons behind your need to control your weight in this way. Please do seek help and don't feel because your weight isn't anorexic level you don't need this help - you do need it and you need it quickly before this disease takes over and ruins your life - take it from someone who knows from personal experience.


Ok thanks but I guess I don’t throw up that much I don’t throw up every meal so if I try to stop early on now maybe that will be easier


Don't be fooled - the bulimia is good at persuading you you can stop whenever you want - without support and counselling my experience is it doesn't go away - the underlying causes need dealing with as the throwing up is a symptom of an underlying problem. The fact you don't do it after every meal doesn't mean it is less of a problem - so do please get some help now.


Oh ok


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