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The reality of it

The truth is that life is shit and it brings more pain than joy. We are fooled into believing it’s good but it’s not. The world is materialistic and people are just there to use you abuse you and screw you. Employers treat you like a slave or try to brainwash you to make sure you comply and serve their purpose. The society lost its morals and they are so relative that now literally non existent. No value of family life or real love. No respect for another human being. Selfies selfish me I myself and mine.

Making sure you create a false front. Pretending you are happy and showing off or desperate for attention by falling ill. Then people feel sorry for you. And you get attention and someone at least pretends to ‘care’.

Yes. I’ve had a bad day today. And it’s ok. To be real.

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I hope you're having a better day today. The world is not all bad but it's really tough if you're spending too much time looking at social media. Nobody writes... "I'm having a crappy day" on Facebook or Instagram etc. People who are posting are all having good days or pretending. All of us go through periods of life that are bad and periods that are oodles. We just have to fight through the bad moments. Here are some methods to try to feel better:

"think of 3 (or 1) good thing that happened today" every evening. Sometimes it's not easy, but it could be just that the air was fresh or the leaves were golden.

Remember that moods are passing... Like a thunderstorm or a sunny day. The sunny day will be back again.

Think of your moods like coloured glasses... Looking at anything with mood glasses on changes what you see. With the sad glasses on you may see a tree with dead leaves. With angry glasses the tree may be throwing leaves or seeds in your eyes. With happy glasses on the tree has all the colours of autumn and is raining fairy dust. Try to imagine changing your glasses... What can you see?

Anyway stop looking at all the media that makes you sad and go outside ad look at nature or play a game... Word search or sudoku or something else that allows your brain to be distracted for a while..


Hi fluffymum

Thank you for your kind message of support.

The thing isn’t that i actually don’t spend any time on social

Media. Have got a fb account but rarely even check it. Or update it. I only referred to ‘self(ie)’ to stress the fact that everyone is so self obsessed and living in a bubble. Brainwashed by the mainstream media and all. I actually reject and stay away from all that. And I’m selective with that I feed my brain with so that I don’t suffer from unnecessary information overload. I prefer to read articles or books that develop me, interest me and I can learn something valuable from.

I have only lost faith in the humanity/mankind recently. And this is scary when you look at what is happening around you with an objective and down to earth approach. I’m only being realistic.

Does being positive mean lying to yourself and others that the situation is better than it actually is? Maybe.

My moods are changing but the reality stays and this is most Frightening here.

I do hope I’m wrong.


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