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I want help after 6 years

When I was 15 I was diagnosed with anorexia- I went from being an international athlete with a muscular build to losing 25kg over 6 months. I was placed as an outpatient at an eating disorders clinic where I went in for assessment every day. I lost sport and I lost all my friends. I was weight restored within two months because I was fed 4000 or 5000 calories every day. It was uncomfortable how fast I was fed up. And because it happened so quickly, o lost all understanding of what normal eating patterns are. Since then I have flipped from starvation to binge eating and now bulimia. My weight has fallen right back down and I'm addicted. I am sick at least twice a day and spend a ridiculous amount of money on food. My parents think I've been going to a councillor once a week at uni, but I haven't been once. But I want help now, and I don't know where to go

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Sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time of it. I started suffering from anorexia about age 15 too, and now I'm 22 (and doing much better, most of the time). I know just what you mean about not knowing what's normal any more, after so long, and the trauma of losing and gaining weight so quickly must be really difficult to deal with. How come you haven't been going to the counsellor at uni? I started therapy again in January whilst at uni (went to see my GP and she referred me to an nhs service) and it has been so so helpful. There is hope xxx

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Hello lovely. Having suffered from an eating disorder all of my adult life (16 years now!) I can only appreciate what you are going through. I went down the Orthorexia , Anorexia then Bulimia route, and I'm noticing a lot how restricting seems to result in bingeing. Can you still go to the counsellor at University? I hope it is still a possibility for you. It's never too late to ask for help. In my case I do not meet the 'BMI requirement' to receive proper treatment, so if it is available to you either via uni or your GP, please use it, you are not in this alone. I wish you the best of luck xx

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