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Need advice and help

over the last couple of months I've been having binge eating episodes which have become more and more frequent. However I am a healthy body weight as I never gain weight as after binging I will get back on track for a few days so it balances out again. I don't know what's causing me to do it as I always feel disgusting afterwards, after reading up on causes I'm confused as it don't feel that I'm comfort eating or trying to use food to help me get through any issues with my life. However I do feel that I am obsessed with my body image as I attend the gym and try to eat as well as possible and will stop myself from eating junk. Is it possible that me being obessed with dieting etc is causing binge eating? Really need help as after I binge I feel awful about myself

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get to a GP and ask for help now - before the pattern becomes a way of life. From my experience you need to seek advice and support from an ED specialist - and the sooner the better. A healthy weight doesn't equal a healthy attitude to food - and I know just how easy it is to put off admitting you need help - so please do seek treatment - and don't let your GP tell you nothing's wrong just because your weight is normal.


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