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Allergy drug improves function in patients with chronic injury from multiple sclerosis

Some have you may have spotted this trial result already. It came out a few weeks ago and is reported (as one example) here:

However, what prompted me to post was this review of the trial report, which gives it 5 out of 10. Most significantly it points out the absence of any clinical benefit or even MRI-observable myelin repair.

Still, it may lead to better understanding of what could make myelin repair. But perhaps too early to go out and overdose on antihistamine!


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Yes, I've been aware of Clemastine Fumarate for some time.

Forgot all about it in my headlong rush to experiment with 4-ap-3-meoh, et al.

I'm tempted to give it a go.


Hi Chris

Do you have an idea about the results of the MD1003 (High Dose Pharmaceutical Grade Biotin) trial done by Medday Pharma??


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Sorry, I am afraid I don't know anything.


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