Experts warn home 'gene editing' kits pose risk to society

Things are certainly moving apace with gene editing.

No news on the ABCD1 gene yet. I'd certainly have a go at editing mine.

Experts warn home 'gene editing' kits pose risk to society

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  • Gene editing is nowhere near being a safe or simple process. Anyone seeking to get a glimpse of the complexities of genetic manipulation should read Gene: An Intimate History, by Siddhartha Mukherje. Brilliant book, and a relatively easy read.

  • All the best with the editing let me know how you get on are you still getting your drugs from mad4all as i have now placed a second order and got 2 emails back this was 2 weeks ago i tried to reply to both emails and they got returned as not existing i just think there is something not right here but it may just be my head could you let me know.

  • Andrew, on their website they say their emails were hacked but personal information was not compromised. If you look on their site now, scroll down toward the bottom of the screen to see their messages.

  • Hi again Julie do you get yours from mod4all i am just not sure i cannot return there emails and was just wondering how other people were getting on as i just want to give it a try and thanks for replying.

  • Yes, some new guy running the site now. They sent me an apologetic email.

    I received some Modafinil from them on Thursday. About two weeks late, but they gave me 50% extra.

    I am easily bought off.

  • Thanks for the reply its nice to hear it came late i will just have to wait i little longer its just i want to give it a try thanks again for your answer and i hope to let you know how i get on soon.

  • Hi Andrew, I hope you receive your order(s) soon. I have been able to get mine prescribed here, at a compounding pharmacy just outside of New York City. My insurance does not cover it but it runs about $100 per month, if I take the maximum 4 capsules/20-mg per day. There are some days that I forget and take only 3 capsules. I had originally mentioned that it cost me $50 per month but actually that would be only 2 capsules per day.

  • Hi Julie is it doing you any good hope you are getting the benefits does your pharmacy do overseas orders just as a backup in case mod4all does not deliver and thanks for the reply i hope it all goes well.

  • Hi Andrew, yes, it is indeed helping me. My pharmacy will only accept prescriptions; they don't supply medicine without. My neurologist in New York consulted with Dr Eichler in Boston and this is how I get my 4-ap. I'm sorry I can't help further on this.

    I want to add that exercising (at least 3 times a week), stretching frequently daily, and maintaining a diet low in processed foods (this means processed diet foods) help me to function from day to day :)

  • Thanks again Julie i will wait and see if i get my drugs from mod4all as we all can see they are having problems and i will try cutting out processed foods i will let you know how i get on once again thanks for the reply.