Keeping a sense of humor (even if it is gallows humor!)

Good morning all,

I don't like to take things down the dark side of the path at all if I can avoid it. I believe humor will get us much farther in most situations than dwelling on the negatives. It was in that vein that I was thinking about my probable DLB a couple of days ago. You see, I have an ascending aortic aneurysm which, in several years, will most likely require that my chest be cracked open to repair the weakened aorta. Not a minor surgery. Well it occurred to me that, due to the DLB, I will probably never survive long enough to require that repair and it struck me as incredibly funny! 😂 I couldn't wait to share this monumental moment of enlightenment with my wife. Quess what? She didn't share my new found feelings of hilarity. As a matter of fact, before I finally got away from her, I didn't think I was going to have to worry about the DLB either!

Take care y'all,


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  • Hi Randy.. I whole heartedy agree with you about humor.. Even in life's most horrendous moments, one can usually find some humor. Leaving an oncologist's office after a family consultation when we were told my wife had been diagnosed with stage 4 colo-rectal cancer, our two adult children and I were quiet trying to search for some comforting words when my wife suddenly lightened the moment by blurting out "let's go get pizza". This sense of humor stayed with us during her surgeries and aggresive chemo and radiation therapy. The cancer was cured but she was left with devistating side effects yet her sense of humor remained intact.. This attitude helped my wife as well as the family get thru this dreadful disease, no doubt.

    Best of luck to you Randy.

  • Good morning Chuck,

    That's so awesome! It's outstanding that your wife beat the cancer and lifted the family's spirits in the process. It's just terrible she had to be dealt the residual effects. I hope you guys have continued success.

    Take care,


  • You have to have a sense of humour, not that our situations are a joke... they're not. It keeps me going... even on my worst days.

  • I truly don't know how you can complete any journey such as this without a sense of humor. It's one of our few best weapons that we have to combate these dark enemies that reside so deeply within our brains.

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