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Scarring alopecia

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I have scarring alopecia which I found out nor long ago.I lost most my head hair but now it has affected my beard as well.can anyone suggest anything

3 Replies

Have you tried the Alopecia UK facebook group


HI Gary,

It may depend what type of Scarring Alopecia you are experiencing. Unfortunately scarring alopecias are a type of permanent hair loss, however there are some things that can be done to try and reduce the hair loss furthering. You can read more about the types of alopecia here -

Have you been to see a Dermatologist?

Kind regards,

Naomi (Alopecia UK)


Sorry to hear your living with alopecia , its not un common that it also effects the beard.

Have a look at Scalp micropigmentation treatment. Its a medical form of tattooing which creates the illusion of a short cropped hairstyle .

There is also facial micropigmentation to help with beards. Research is important and choose a clinic that has experience and can show you pictures of past alopecia clients.

If i can help any other way let me know .

best of luck


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