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I don't know where to post this, apologize if this is really inappropriate. I have alopecia, think it's female pattern baldness but not sure. Doctor never told me but that's what the symptoms match. Anyway, I'm 74 and would like to go on hormone replacement therapy. Yeah, crazy, right? Anyway, thought it might help as my alopecia is probably hormone related. Plus, I think I would just feel better. Has anyone here ever tried it? I'll take my chances with breast cancer to feel better and get some hair regrowth. My 80 year old friend has never stopped taking it and looks and feels great. I welcome all comments even if you tell me I'm nuts.

Thanks in advance, Marilyn

PS, if there is a thread on HRT please redirect me. Still trying to figure it out here.

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Hope your doctor will prescribe might ask my self

But dont hold out much hope mine will.

Have you still got some hair?

Have you seen a derm for it?

What makes you think it FPB .

Is it thinning in a pattern or just all over?

Dont think there is anywhere different to post on HRT anywhere here.

Im the same but seen a derm awaiting biopsy results....but mines diffuse all over ans strand thinning away to nothing!! X

Sorry for the late response, My biopsy showed alopecia (can't remember the exact term) but dermo says female pattern baldness. i still have some hair it's just thinning terribly all over. Still haven't asked about the HRT, but I doubt they'll prescribe it. I'm going to try anyway. I'm so pitiful with so many medical issues maybe they'll feel sorry for me and let me try it.

Guess you got 2 posts from me--you lucky thing, lol.

Hi Kittykat2, sorry for the late response. I still have some hair but very very thin and fine. Thinning all over.

Dermo dx with androgenic alopecia (fpb).

Good luck to us both. Keep me posted about your biopsy results.


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