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Alopecia Areata

Hi all, I’m 18 and in the last 7 months I have lost the whole back section of my hair and around the hairline is starting to fall out.

Im trying to put a brave face on but it’s really getting me down, I am also a hairdresser so as you can imagine seeing lovely full heads of hair everyday is making me feel slightly insecure 🙈🤣

I have tried lots of medication and if anything I find it’s making it fall out more.

They want to put me on steroid injections however they have said to me it’s unlikely to work as every other medication my body seems to reject.

I’m just curious to know if anyone has any remedies that can help me out or if anyone knows anywhere I can look for wigs that just.... don’t look like wigs 🤷🏻‍♀️😩

Many thanks x

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Hi Amie. Am so sorry about your hair problem. Several years ago I started losing my hair too. I can well understand your anxieties and low moods. Not nice to be around others who have a complete head of hair. I took to wearing scarves and hats and I actually found no-one made a bad comment at all. After some time I did come to think that we women aren`t just about our hair. It is just a small part of us. The funny thing is that men seemed to start fancying me more! You have most probably visited a doctor who has given you tests and he or she may have offered you different types of medication. These don`t seem to have worked. I don`t know if your hairloss has been stress related because sometimes this can happen. There are many different things you can try like homeopathic treatments, also herbal remedies etc. Over time I tried many things. It would grow yet then fall out again. Very frustrating. Anyway more recently I discovered Viviscal (tablets for hair growth) and these do seem to be working very well for me . I also turned to having a much healthier diet with lots of protein and oily kinds of foods like fish and nuts. I drink more water and I made sure I took a good range of vitamins alongside the Viviscal. Maybe this could work well for you too. There is always hope. Having a good sense of humour about it all will keep you strong. You are not alone. Like you I lost a good third of my head of hair and after all this time I now seem to be getting it back. I wish you the best. Let us know how you are getting along. x


Hi. Take a look at the Alopecia UK website. Plus they have a facebook group too for general issues and one dedicated to issues round wigs etc. You have to apply to be admitted to the groups but I have found them such a source of information and support.


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