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Does anyone get Ill as much as me?

I have Alopecia Universalis and therefore Autoimmune disease, does anyone else get Ill as much as me at this time of year? I always do, and it's hard with work and things because of the time off and they don't seem to understand

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Hi yes my son also has AU and he has trouble keeping jobs because of his attendance. He explains about his condition at interviews and they all seem sympathetic until it actually comes to the event. πŸ™‚

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Yeah that problem is becoming apparent to me as well!


Look up the AIP diet it helps with fatigue, brain fog and inflammatory pain. Sounds like you have Hashimoto thyroid issues. Hope this helps.


I think my Alopecia was caused by an immune disorder. I began taking Propolis Drops( from Holland and Barretts) and is great for warding off such as colds and flu. Following such as the Meditteranean diet can certainly help. I`m also taking Viviscal Hair Growth Programme tablets (from Boots and health stores) and am having great results after only a short time. Chin up Bethany Rachel! Just check with your doctor as to whether you can take supplements if you happen to be taking any medication aswell.


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