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Eyebrow tattoos


I've had alopecia universalis and have had it for 11 years, I have finally decided to have my eyebrow tattooed, does anyone have a recommendation in London or surrounding areas

Thanks in advance

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Hi I don't know of any in London - I am in Ipswich, the lady I went to does work for the NHS so maybe enquire at your hospital? This lady does tattooing for ladies that have had great reconstruction and also treats scars etc.


Nouveau Couture is run by Karen Betts; I've had my eyebrows done by both her and students (much reduced rate) over the years -http://www.nouveaubeautygroup.com/permanent-cosmetics/nouveau-contour/


Sorry, I also meant to say that in addition to people who have received their training through the company, it has training days (which require models) at various locations including Milton Keynes and Purley.


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