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Any young women aged 20-25 years old experiencing hair loss, thinning and easily breakable hair?

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I'm young, eat healthy and exercise. Waiting for blood test results but I'm trying to rule out hereditary baldness. I have always parted my hair from one side and that side is visibly thinner and receding. Itchy scalp for the last 4 days. I have a IUD so can it be a hormonal factor?

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The cause of alopecia is unknown... This means why you are losing hair truly is not able to be pinpointed at anything. No one knows the Why. This is hard news because if you have a reason for something its easier to cope with. It happens to anyone of any age, babies to mature adults, to the super fit, (we have Olympians and top sports people with alopecia) to the couch potato.

Alopecia is nothing to do with the hair you see at all... the internal body instructions have muddled up, either not sending information or sending the wrong information about growing hair. You can style your hair however you wish, it won't influence for better or worse what alopecia will do.

There are many different types of hairloss, it doesn't always equal bald spot or being totally bald, and also it doesn't equal a forever condition.

Blood tests for the majority come out normal, we tend to be diagnosed because the hairloss isn't down to anything else.

Everyone assumes hairloss doesn't hurt. Aside from the emotional pain, losing hair can be extremely painful, a whole host of physical experiences, intense itching is the most common. Being alopecia, not everyone experiences, and equally some people are plagued by physical issues. Alopecia is a condition which is very individual, none of us have it the same way, feel the same things, experience the same timeline, it has no patterns or templates to say it will do ABC.

Get your diagnosis, if confirmed alopecia, ask to see a dermatologist, though don't be surprised if you have to wait. Because the condition can right itself, sometimes we are made to wait before being referred, just to clarify what is happening. Go to the website and check out the About Alopecia section, for summary explanations of the various kinds of alopecia, but remember the variations on top of those are huge.


Hi there,

I am 24, 25 in two months time.

my nightmare started almost a year and a half ago. i still think im losing a lot of hair and its depressing. my hair is long, down to my waist, i never dyed my hair, i never straighten it, and i let my hair air dry. i just dont have a lot of it! i can see a lot of my scalp, and i cant even style it anymore because it just looks odd.

These are the things that i decided to do/change. still work in progress...

1. the first thing that i decided to do was to remove the implant. I only had it in for about 5 months and decided to remove it because it was definitely causing me to lose a lot of hair.

2. i also stopped using the typical shampoos that you find at the supermarket, and i bought a hair shampoo soap instead - with natural ingredients and it doesn't strip off your natural oils.

3. started taking viviscal supplements, they are a bit expensive but they are meant to work. i am on my fourth month. i still havent seen any improvements yet but it takes at least 6 months to notice the difference - so still work in progress.

4. I use a satin pillow case so i wont damage my hair when i sleep.

5. eat more fruit.

6. drink more water.

7. dont brush it, and if i do, i use a wide tooth comb. plus i never brush it when its wet.

8. as soon as i can take time off work, i will go to the doctor and check my thyroid.

9. if everything is ok, then i will probably continue taking the supplements or try new products.

when you touch your hair - do you see a lot of strands coming out?


I am 35, and I have half as much hair on my head, as I used to have when I was 25. I have come through dozens of doctors and treatments, have taken gallons and pounds of different medications, but the overall result was unstable. My diagnosis is “androgenic alopecia”. Those who are familiar with it know that it makes a woman desperate. One of the doctors I have consulted recommended me Hair Gain Formula by Military Grade. It nurtures hair, but most importantly, it lowers the level of prostaglandin D2, which causes hair loss when elevated. I’ve been taking it for 6 months, and it looks like my hair loss has decreased. The doctor said I should take it for at least 3 years in order to achieve sustainable results but the basic thing for me is to keep positive results.

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Hello, I got diagnosed with this as well. My Dr says the only thing I can do is Rogaine. I'm upset about that because I feel like there has to be something else I can do. How did taking that medication work for you?




IUD doesn't cause loss of hair. For prevention of hair, you can use Generic Proscar. Such medicine can solve your hair loss issues as well as thinning of hair problems.



I started to notice root thinning at 23-24 years old and horrified, I believed it was due to bleaching my hair white every time I saw a dark root (which I now know is probably not the case).

It is a few years later and I had forgotten about it but I have drawn my attention to it again and it is worse. Going to visit the dr about it this week. I also have read it can be due to hormones and as I have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome am wondering if it is connected. I'm struck by how much it has affected me, I am the sort of person who would let someone cut my hair into an extreme short style from waist length without making a fuss, dye it blue, white, grey, purple, pink, red, green etc without worrying much. My hair has not been something I have been overly precious over (at least in my mind) but I am thinking now perhaps that is because whatever was done to it I knew it was a choice and would grow back. Seeing my scalp shining through, and sometimes literally shining after a shower has been horrifying to me. I've come on here to see how other people cope with this as a woman. And what can be done if it is like male pattern baldness? The prognosis seems grim from what I have currently read so I am preparing myself for a head shave in that event. Although I know all this is quite premature considering I haven't even visted the dr yet. It is good to know there are other women experiencing this in their twenties.


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