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Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia and Steroid Injections

Hi all. I've just joined this site as yesterday I was diagnosed with FFA. My dermatologist gave me steroid injections and then some cream for my eyebrows. He said it was very rare because I'm a 35 yr old man. Since reading up on it I'm now concerned that the steroid injections may do more harm than good, and seeing as my hairline hasn't really receaded much so far I'm worried that these will cause more issues than cure. I wish I had waited to have any treatment now.

Has anyone got any good news stories about FFA and steroid injections?? Would love to here one.



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I haven't had steroid injections but was treated with oral steroids for 7 months my treatment has been quite aggressive compared to some, but after 4 years I have only lost a patch 2x2 inches. Is it worth it ? Loads of side effects and it is getting worse now.

At the time I'd have done anything as I believed it would keep my hair. Seems I have just prolonged an inevitable process. The steroid gel has thinned my skin on the forehead.

I wish I could give advice but I think one course of injections isn't going to do too much harm



Hi I have alopecia areata the dermatologist gave me steroid lotion which did nothing, he was reluctant to prescribe oral steroids or injections. He didn't offer anything for my eyebrows, I would be interested in the name of the cream you are using and whether it has had any effect on your eyebrows. Good luck with your treatment, keep us posted.


dont be alarmed i talked to someone that had that and her hair grew back and she has had it done twice so far...she had round patches of hair loss in front


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