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Thinning hair in old age

I have been told today by my hairstylist that my hair is thinning. This has come as a huge shock. I have always had thick and healthy hair. It has never been permed. I am 73 years old, and I have my hair coloured, professionally, every six weeks. I never apply heat to my hair, and it is blown dry, by my stylist once a week. I have no idea what has caused this. I am a type 2 diabetic, and also suffer from hypothyroidism. I do not drink, and eat very little. Can anyone offer advice, please?

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Hello Susieru,

Sorry to hear about your thinning hair. I would always recommend asking your GP to run your routine blood tests to check there are no abnormalities with anything. If everything comes back as 'ok' it's likely they'll put it down to age - many women over the age of 60 experience androgenetic alopecia. It's always worth seeking the advice of a medical professional though. If you find your GP to be dismissive, as unfortunately many are about hair loss, ask to see another GP or ask for a referral to a dermatologist.

What you want is for someone to confirm the type of alopecia you are experiencing and advise if anything is available to help.

I hope this helps a little and send you my best wishes.


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Thank you so much, Amy, for this. It came as an awful shock, as I have taken such care of my hair - no perms, no home colouring, always washed by professionals! Honestly, old age really is HORRIBLE, isn't it? My hair has always been my crowning glory, and now it is starting to desert me. But thank you again for your kindness in replying and, yes, it has helped!

Very best wishes to you,



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