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Hi all just thought I'd post an update.  I am still losing hair and would estimate that I have now lost around 40% of my hair, it seems to be thinning all over now not just the bald patches.  I eventually got to see the dermatologist, he said I just had to be patient as my hair will grow back its just a waiting game.  He said it's an autoimmune disorder but wouldn't be drawn on whether it is made worse by stress or hormones - I am convinced this is exasperated by stress.  He prescribed Elocon lotion which is to supposed to stop it falling out but doesn't seem to have had any effect as yet.  He also prescribed me a wig which I now have, you still have to pay a prescription charge of £65.75 but as I had already bought a wig at a cost of £183 I didn't think that was too bad!  I had no idea they were so expensive!  It took a while to get used to wearing it,  they are quite hot so I think I will need a cotton hat for the summer.  

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i tested negative to auto immune, did he test mother n laws came back after a year but mine is going into a year also.....


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