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Well I'm still struggling to figure out what is wrong with me I first experienced brain fog and vet tired and sick feeling. I went to hospitals and been blood tested and so on and I went and seen an nutrionist and she blood tested me and told me I have a lot of yeast in my body and that plays a real big factor I know I have done research! Also I have noticed my hair falls out real bad and my under arm is missing hair and seems like my eyelash come out when I take make off too so I don't can you tell me what I should do?

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I'm sorry that you're confused and at a loss. It would help to ask your Doctor to clarify what might be wrong with you and take it from there. If you are worried about hair loss you must mention that also. You can take a supplement, Biotin, to help with this or you may need to take a multi-vitamin. Stress is a bad thing for hair loss so don't allow yourself to become too anxious. Best wishes


If you are experiencing hair loss, I would recommend asking your GP to refer you to a dermatologist who will be able to diagnose the type of alopecia you have. They'll then be able to discuss if any treatment options are available.


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