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?Im scared have I got alopecia

im 15 year old girl and about 3-4 months ago I noticed my hair was falling out really easily I was finding it around the house and in my fingers when I ran my hands through my hair, it wouldn't be so noticeable if it wasn't where it was as it is at the top of my forehead and is slowly going back and round the sides of my head, this hair isn't growing back so im worried if anyone can tell me what this is :(

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Hi there, Sorry to hear this. I can understand your worry. Have you been to see a doctor? If not, you need to make an appointment. A GP should be able to make a diagnosis and if any treatment is available, prescribe that. They may wish to make some routine blood tests to rule out any underlying conditions or deficiencies which may be causing some hair loss. They may refer you to a dermatologist (a specialist in skin conditions). I hope this helps. I understand how upsetting it can be to experience hair loss. But please be reassured that in most cases, alopecia corrects itself and the hair regrows. Try your best not to worry (I know this is easier said than done!).

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I use to have good head of hair my hair is curly but very frizzy now its been a while its going very thin on the front its making me ill and i don't want to go out i took many different things nothing seem to work can you help me please


what issue


You may probably want to try an Ayurvedic oil made in Sri Lanka (one of the best). Grow Herbal Hair Oil is manufactured to an ancient formula to promote well growth of hair, to curtail and prevent premature greying and hair losses. It also provides a fast relief from sinusitis, headaches, dandruff, allergic-rhinitis, migraine and influenza.

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