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Someone help! Why have i got a bald patch?

Just recently I have noticed a bald patch at the back of my scalp, it was only the size of a 10p coin, since q couple of days ago its has gotten twice the size, I am only 17 years of age and this is terrifying me, I have been to the doctors but they said they cant come up a answer just yet. I dont colour my hair and barley use heat, I have gone through a ruff patch where I was stressed but that soon passed. Can someone please give me a explication on why my hair is falling out, it would be a big help!

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Hi - first of all has your doctor given you blood tests? There are medical conditions which have hairloss as a symptom, and so these need to be ruled out. Alopecia itself doesn't have any tests.

The facts of alopecia are almost non existent, so your doctor saying there's no answer, is correct.

Alopecia is an auto immune condition - it means the body rejects something is should normally accept. Its a bit like it says, oooh don't like you, you shouldn't be here, go away. In this case, its the hair. And this is really all the knowledge we have

The good news is that alopecia can right itself, without any help from anywhere. One day the body can wake up "ooops got that wrong" and fix itself.

It happens to anyone, any age, babies, mature adults, male, female. People in the worst life situations, people in the happiest.

The WHY is the great unknown. What makes it all trigger into being comes down to personal opinions, and they are only that. Even if your doctor says, the reason is X, its still guesswork.

Now, those personal beliefs may be right or wrong... trouble is not proved either way. Alopecia isnlt so easily dealt with as doing the opposite to what we believe is the trigger - if it were then likely there would be no forums.

Life is so much easier if we have labels, even if we don't like them. Having a condition without them is tough, everything becomes could be, possibly, may be. As is often said about alopecia, the only certain thing about it, is its uncertainty.

I'm not sure this is helping, but it is how it is, and something we all have to learn to cope with.

However, alopecia does not equal automatic total baldness, and it does not equal automatically forever, and it can right itself, unfortunately no-one and that means absolutely no-one can tell you what will happen.

If you want to colour, or style your hair you can continue to do so... because the problem is not with your hair at all - its within the body, sending out the right information. So whatever you to do the hair you see, won't influence how the alopecia is going to be.

Best wishes


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